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Welcome to my Website!

Hello! Welcome to my web! I made this personal website, because im a huge fan of Y2K, Shoujo, Old Web, Anime, and i remember the cute pixel sites from the early 2000's. I was too exciting see their own website! So after a renewed interest in tech and amature web development, I decided to make my own! :D As you can see I finally made my layout super cute, the hardest I have ever made similar to Dokodemo! >_<, I hope you like it ^_^. Online lot of gift too! Thanks so much to W3Schools, for helping me!! This web is both optimised, and responsive in both mobile, and PC!

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[November 24th 2022 - Revamped the About Page to Webmaster!]
New Theme for Christmas (December)!

[November 24th 2022 - Revamped the About Page to Webmaster!]
I updated the webmaster page, which is about me, and the webmaster page was inspired to the shoujo manga, Revolutionary Girl Utena (Shoujo Kakumei Utena)!

[November 21th 2022 - Added Hover!]
I added hover so you can go to any page you want!

[November 21th 2022 - New Homepage!]
Finally guys, I had made my brand new homepage, becuase the older one looks weirder, and looks very simillar to Hunipyon's Homepage.

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FAQ // Q&A

Q: Can I use your resources?
A: No, you cannot steal my website unless, your using Resources pages.

Q: When its whole web will be finished?
A: Maybe, I think its at least 3 in a half weeks, or December 2022.

Q: Can I help me make my website?
A: Sorry, I cant help you, unless your are my friend!

Q: Whats your favourite food?
A: Pizza!

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